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How to take a bath to benefit Your Body And Soul?

Bath is beneficial not only for your health, but also for the mood. All the stress of the day should melt away by the time you step out of the tub, and you should have a glorious, uninterrupted sleep. The perfect bath requires some know-how and we have got some tips to ensure your next bath will deliver unbelievable benefits to your body and your soul.


Make sure that the bath is not too hot, yet not too cold. If its too hot, it may cause dizziness, yet too cold it will be uncomfortable and you might get sick. The ideal temperature for bath water is about 2 degrees more than the normal body temperature, which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arrange some candles and music

Atmosphere is key. Find some of your favorite music to play, but make sure no electrical are close enough they could fall into the tub. Also put some candles around, but make sure to place the candles in a place that will not start a fire.


  • Sprinkle bath salt into the water and mix in well for a thoroughly relaxing bath. Bath salts open the pores to purify the skin, cleansing away dirt, sweat, and toxins. They aid in the healing of dry skin, making skin softer and more supple.


  • Drop a bath bomb in your bath. When you drop a bath bomb into your tub, it fizzes up and dissolves in the water providing a wonderful scent. Bath bombs softens the water which will make your skin feel silky smooth after.

Use a bath pillow

Rest your neck while you are bathing. You can normally find them in any bath/bed/linen shops. If the pillow does not stick, just use a cotton bath towel, all folded up. That will work too.

Climb into the bath, and relax in the warm water

Relax in the tub for at least 20 minutes to let the salts do their job, it takes time to work their magic on your skin while the warmth of the water improves your circulation and lowers your blood pressure. It is important to close your eyes during the bath to enter deep relaxation, so anything that forces you to keep your eyes closed is a great. Try cold cucumbers, an icy compress or eye pads.

After taking a bath apply a body lotion or moisturizer

When you decide to get out of the bath, blot yourself dry, and finish by applying body lotion or moisturizer.

Relax afterwards: Leave the smart phone, tablet devices and computer alone for an hour or so and just enjoy time for yourself. 


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