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We are opening a shop!

So you may have seen some random pictures of wood, forklifts and floors lately on our Facebook and Twitter feed, well I guess we had better let the cat out of the bag and let everyone know! Soul And Soap will have a brand new retail space in Truro Cornwall !!!

After receiving soooo much positive feedback from our online customers and customers dropping in to us we decided that a small retail space was need to get more of you lovely people smelling and using our range of luxury bathing products. We are aiming to open on the 25th of April, fingers crossed!

With a good selection of products and some opening specials (stay tuned to our blog for more), but for now we still have a celling and some walls to finish so it’s all hands on deck round here! An official opening time for the 25th will be posted soon, and if you’re in or around Truro come in say Hi and take a look at our new shop! Until then our website is there to take a look at and see what’s going on!

Hope to see you soon!


Soul And Soap.

Unit 45, Pannier Market Lemon Quay Truro Cornwall TR, 


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