Handmade soap for sensitive skin

Instead of feeling clean and refreshed after a shower, does your skin feel irritated, dry and/or itchy? Sensitive skin can become dry, itchy and red if it comes into contact with some of the chemicals that soap contains, so if you know you have sensitive skin or have experienced an adverse reaction to soap in the past, it’s time to find the best soap for sensitive skin. Here are some of our soaps that are designed for sensitive skin types.

1. Goat's Milk soap with Oat FlakeIf you have excessively dry skin, poor circulation or skin that feels rough and scaly, you may want to try a soap that exfoliates.  Our Goat's Milk and Oat Flake soap that works as a scrub and also will moisturise and rejuvenate your skin. A richly creamy goat's milk handmade soap with oats that feels luxurious will make you feel beautiful instantly!

2. Berry Yoghurt Handmade Soap is rich with beneficial for skin substances like Coenzyme Q10, amino acids and milk proteins, which helps to restore the skin’s structure and contribute to its healing. They help to revitalize the skin, prevent it from early aging and make it softer. Laktoenzymes, prevents the skin from flaking and dryness and improves its elasticity and firmness.

3. Lime Blossom Handmade Soap is a beautiful soap that will gently cleanse and soften your skin. It is enriched with Silk amino acids to invigorate and hydrate, dried lime blossom, which has known for its antibacterial properties will clear pores to leave your skin with a nice clean glow.

4. Red Rose handmade luxury soap will gently cleanse the most subtle and delicate skin, restoring its freshness and elasticity giving a velvety soft and pleasant smell for all day!

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