Strawberry Delight Bath Milk

Strawberry Delight Bath Milk

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Think plump, ripe berries just begging to be picked.

Our strawberry bath milk powder brings everything wonderful about Summer right into your bathtub. Feminine and sweet, it contains additional oils that take you one step closer to that luscious glow you've been working towards. And when you allow the minerals to do their work, you'll step out with skin that's just dying to be touched.

-Added essential oils
-Handmade and 100% Natural
-No parabens, No phthalates, No animal testing, no detergents, SLS Free

To use, draw a warm bath. Sprinkle soak into water and distribute evenly with hands by swirling water. Relax!

Ingredients: Lac Powder, Zea Mays Starch, Parfum