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Boss Bath Bomb Inspired by Hugo Boss - Soul and Soap

Boss Bath Bomb Inspired by Hugo Boss


Our Boss bath bombs are refreshing and rejuvenating that will melt your tensions away. While you are relaxing in the bath, avocado oil, rose and Vitamin C will take care of your skin moisturising it and giving it an unforgettable aroma.

Boss bath bombs are with "Boss for Men" by Hugo Boss perfume aroma.

                        When our bath bombs meet your bath water they fizz joyously and fill your bathroom with beautiful scents, while releasing skin loving ingredients into your bath. Enjoy a relaxing, aromatic bath and notice how silky smooth your skin feels when emerging from the water. Feel good in indulgence!

                        Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate | Citric Acid |Persea Gratissima Oil | Sodium Chloride | Parfum | Aqua| Lecithin | Ascorbyl Palmitate | Tocopherol | Linalool | Limonene| CI 42090