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Ice Scream Bubble Bar Scoops

Ice Scream Bubble Bar Scoops

Check out these beautiful bubble bar bath scoops!

So tempting! They look just like an ice cream scoops. Our fizzy bubblers are a dessert for your bathtub! Fluffy bubbles of joy will make your bath look and smell amazing, while the natural ingredients soften and nourish your skin - what could be better? Just remember they ain't for eating.

Bubble bars aren't only limited to children, they are also a perfect bath time treat for people of all ages. It's the perfect gift for any adult or child.

Presented in white paper box with a window this gift set contains these 3 bubble bars -
  • Raspberry Lemonade bubble bar
  • Wild Berry bubble bar
  • Lemon bubble bar

Use: Crumble the piece of bubble bar under running warm water and stir in. Then lay back and enjoy! Breaking it off piece by piece will give you a great amount of bubbles, using a whole bubble bar will completely fill your bath tub with large, fluffy bubbles.

Each bubble bar weight approx 80g

Gift box size: 14 x 14 x 7.