• Wonky Bombs Mystery Selection (6 Imperfect Bath Bombs)

Wonky Bombs Mystery Selection (6 Imperfect Bath Bombs)

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Yep we all make mistakes,  but this is your chance to get a real Bargain!

The Wonky Bomb Mystery Selection is a selection of 6 damaged or imperfect bath bombs chosen at random! 

They are all perfectly good to use but didn't reach our standards for full retail price. 
(Some may be little soft, some are not the right shape, some wrappers have split.)

Please note the bath bombs will be completely random and are non refundable.



Bath Bomb Advice.

  • For use in water only.
  • Not suitable for eating! For external use only.
  • Not for use around eyes or broken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Not suitable for children under 3.

All bombs are handmade so no two will ever be the same, each experience is different to the next, but rest assured you'll always be amazed. 

Bath bombs are always best used in a squeaky clean bath, this will usually stop any colour transference! We do use highly pigmented colour safe colours however in some rare circumstances colour may be transferred. If this happens clean bath immediately after use.

Remove Packaging carefully, a little bit of bath bomb dust is ok, bath bombs are slightly fragile so a little may have crumbled or gotten dented in transport.

For best colour results and patterns place a bath bomb in the water don’t drop it in. Its also best not to squeeze of crumble a bath bomb, they won’t work as well.

Wait for the bath bomb to fully dissolve before getting in the bath, this allows all the goodness from the ingredients to mix and be far more beneficial to your skin.

Even though our bath bombs have a shelf life of 12 months in optimal conditions, over time the colours and scent will fade. We recommend using a bath bomb within 6 months of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Louise Barton
Bath bombs

Absolutely loved them

Emma Archer
Wonky worth it!

I love a wonky package! You never know what you're going to get but it's always a total pleasure. Even the post man likes it, say's it makes his deliveries smell better.

Nikki Dunstan
Great selection and great value

We loved the wonky bombs mystery selection. It was exciting to see what we had!

Rachel R.
No variety

Was nice to get 8 - but 4 were the same macaron, 2 were the same shark and 2 the same bomb. Really wanted to use this pack to try out the brand but was disappointed. I realise they're at random, but didn't realise there would be so many multiples.

Alexandra Lewarne
Can't wait to try them all

Only tried one "Oops" and whatever made it crumbly/soft must've affected the fizz cause it didn't fizz at all it still smelled amazing and it's expected when buying this kind of mixed bag of "seconds" I smell amazing and that's all that matters

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