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Aleppo Gold Premium Soap with 15% Laurel - Soul and Soap
Aleppo Gold Premium Soap with 15% Laurel - Soul and Soap

Aleppo Gold Premium Soap with 15% Laurel


Premium quality Aleppo Gold Olive Oil and Laurel Soap Extra Large hand cut bar with approx 15% Laurel (Bay Leaf Extract)

Aleppo is home to some of the finest Olive Oil Soap producers in Syria. These wonderful soaps are still made using ancient techniques, with no animal fats or nasty chemicals and only 100% natural ingredients. The traditional soap blocks are hand cut and stamped, then aged to form a deep golden crust with an olive green center. If you find that you're very sensitive to soap or bathing products then this is for you. Dont forget that buying this lovely soap helps in supporting some of the local Syrian producers to carry on manufacturing.

How is Aleppo Soap made?

A time honored ancient process, olive oil is converted to soap (saponified), then bay leaf extract (laurel) is added, mixed and the resulting product is spread out to solidify. This is then cut by hand into rectangular bars and individually stamped with the producers seal. The bars are then dried in huge aerated stacks for months to start the oxidation which turns the outer surface of the olive green soap to that beautiful golden colour.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Bay leaf (Laurel) extract (strength approx 15%), Water, Caustic Soda

The Benefits of Aleppo Gold Soaps?

  • Suitable for ALL skin types, even the most sensitive. Won’t dry out the skin
  • 100% Natural product made of saponified olive oil and bay leaf extract. Hand Cut & Stamped
  • NO chemical, colourings, chemical perfumes, genetically modified materials or animal fats. 100% Vegan
  • Olive oil contains a high percentage of vitamin E and polyphenols.
  • Natural anti-oxidants that can help delay the symptoms of aging.
  • Deep cleansing, antiseptic, great for spots and other skin conditions. Leaves skin clean and fresh.
  • Mild, natural olive/bay fragrance.
  • Great for use as shampoo too (we all know the benefits of using olive oil on your hair).
  • Creamy lather ideal for shaving too!
  • Extremely long lasting.
  • This soap is excellent when used with a loofah.
  • Laurel oil (Bay Oil) has been known as the “magic” oil. Tradition says that famous women, like Cleopatra and queen Zanoubia, have used this oil to keep their hair shiny.

Genuine Aleppo Soap

Our bars are genuine Aleppo Soap made in Syria and we can produce evidence of the origin if required. Please also note that the soap has been tested and meets the requirements of the EU cosmetic directive.

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