Any company which is producing and selling beauty products must have all their beauty products certified. Every product must have a safety assessment signed by an independent chemist. Usually this means sending recipes to a professional who checks your ingredients and agrees they are safe. He or she should ensure you know how to produce soaps safely, your recipes are in line with EU legislation, you are not using more than permitted levels of fragrance or essential oils or potentially harmful or allergic materials and your products are safe for public use.

Peace of mind comes in knowing that all of our products comply with current EU standards and requirements which demonstrates that our products have been safety assessed and approved for sale by a chartered chemist in line with the Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations. 

Also our products are never tested on animals, they all are suitable for vegetarians and almost all of them are vegan friendly. Our skincare products are made with the greatest care to avoid the use of harsh ingredients or chemicals. Our certified soaps are luxurious and full of enchanting scents.