• Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative journey for expectant mothers, and with it comes various changes and considerations in daily life. One topic that often arises is whether it is safe to indulge in the small pleasures like using bath bombs during pregnancy. Bath bombs are popular due to... Ver Publicación
  • Fast Labels

    The difficulty of having a large product range comes when you need to find a good label supplier who prints high quality labels. Our business was delighted when Fast Labels got in touch to try their range so we decided to give them a try. Fast labels allowed us to select the size, the label type... Ver Publicación
  • You might have already seen these appearing on our site, or you might have even received one! But if not.... We are proud to announce that our Solid Shampoo Bars are now in their fancy new packaging which is still 100% eco friendly! And to make things even better we will be offering a travel ti... Ver Publicación