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About Soul And Soap

Soul And Soap is a small brand that specialises in natural and organic bath and beauty products made by using pure and natural ingredients with no nasties.

When we think of spas, words like soothing…nourishing…and relaxing come to a mind. We imagine calming and therapeutic body care rituals where oils and lotions hydrate and protect our skin, and, of course, also think about all of the amazing aromas we just love to take in!

Inspired by therapeutic spa cultures, ancient traditions and luxurious body care rituals. We embrace these wonderful qualities and reflect them in our bath and body care collections, to offer complete sensory experiences and those pampering moments we all love to feel.

Our handmade soaps, bath milks, body washes, lotions, bath salts, and bath bombs are all naturally made to turn your daily care into unforgettable moments every day.